My name is Tres Trantham. I'm a software developer, husband, father, and all around technology geek.

I currently live in Holland, Michigan with my amazing wife Erin, our beautiful daughter Penelope, and our dogs Oliver and Sophie.

I currently work in the banking and insurance realms as a Systems Architect specializing in ETL Architecture and Development and Data Architecture. Check out my resume if you would like to know more.

My spare time is spent crafting mobile and web applications, enjoying good craft beer, and other musings of general nerdery. I'm a strong advocate for usability and standards both on and off the web. I like simplicity in life and design. And I've crashed in a Piper Navaho twin-engine aircraft.

I can also be found on GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook. If you want to contact me directly for any reason, please feel free to email me@trestrantham.com.